Cricket World Cup 2019 Stats

India, who chose to bat

Australia vs India

India 352/5 (49.6)
Australia 316/10 (49.6)

India won by 36 runs

  • India Vs Australia,14th Match at London,Jun 09, 2019
  • Alex Carey 55 * (35)

Over 9.4Hardik Pandya bowls short of length delivery to AJ Finch, pulls it away through mid wicketSixer!

End of Over 23.0

Over 22.3 Kuldeep Yadav tossed up delivery to Steven Smith, no run, gets forward and pushes it back to the bowler.

End of Over 36.0

Over 35.2 Kuldeep Yadav tossed up delivery to Usman Khawaja,Six!! Goes down on his knees, takes it from well wide of off and deposits it over mid-wicket for a maximum.

End of Over 43.0

Over 42.4 Yuzvendra Chahal tossed up delivery to Alex Carey, Six!! Dances down the track, gets to the pitch and smacks it over the bowler's end.